Family and underage children

Upon receiving the client, we check whether there is room for reconciliation between the spouses and, if not, we pursue the hypothesis of a consensual separation, including through the instrument of assisted negotiation, because we believe that it is certainly preferable to agree directly rather than delegating decisions about one's life to third parties at such a delicate time.

Armed with a wealth of experience in contracting and precise training in mediation (including family mediation), we negotiate for you and with you the clauses best suited to your case, before submitting - if necessary - the appeal to the Tribunal or the agreement reached in the Municipality or the Court.

We assist both spouses together as well as one of them.

We can also assist you in litigation procedures, always attempting conciliation if possible.

We assist couples aspiring for adoption in the procedures of opposition against the denial of eligibility for international adoption, before the Courts of Appeals, providing free preventive counseling on the chanches of positive outcome. We have direct and personal experience in this area.