Lawyer Giuseppe Palmieri

After graduating in Law at in Milan 1993 with a dissertation on Trade Law (110 with honours), he was admitted to the Bar Association in Milan 1996.

In the early years after graduating he cooperated with some leading law firms in the field of business and corporate, mainly focusing on enterprises tutoring in civil and trade law issues; later on, eager to shape his job in a more personal way, he took over the law firm grounded by his father, operating in Milan since the early ’60s.

He focused mainly on negotiations relevant to compensation for personal injury and/or estate damage, successions and family law. He devoted himself to this interest also by publishing the book “Liability in Medical Practice” La Tribuna, 2008.

2013 he brought his law firm together with the law firm of Mrs. Valeria Pagani (his wife since 2011), thus grounding the association Palmieri & Pagani – Lawyers. 2016 he was admitted to the Bar of the Court of Cassation.

Although he has moved his early steps as litigator, over the years he became the negotiation expert of the firm, thus integrating the work of his litigator-wife and solving any kind of litigation through the most different alternatives of off-court means.

He hence became professional arbitrator 2010 and professional coach 2015, widening his own theoretic and practise knowledge, thus improving his everyday negotiator activity. Over the years he gained further skills by attending various classes in legal psychology.

2016 he graduated in Religious Sciences at the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross in Rome (90/90 with honours).

He cultivates his interests in theology, psychology and arts in the few leisure time left by his family duties.